About Dream Day

Dream Day Films are storytellers first and foremost. We’re a team of filmmakers with a passion for telling beautiful and timeless wedding stories.

Our goal is to help couples experience the joy of their wedding day for years to come. To produce a wedding film that in time will become a cherished family heirloom!

Dream Day Films is a founding member of the Calgary Professional Videographers Association.

Authentic Wedding Films

Dream Day Films uses a documentary-style approach – weaving together words and beautiful moving images – to tell authentic wedding stories.

Experienced Filmmakers

We’ve had the privilege of filming hundreds of weddings. Our dedication to quality means you can be confident your precious memories are in the best of hands!

Unobtrusive Storytelling

Dream Day Films strives to remain unobtrusive while filming every amazing moment from your wedding. Your guests might not even notice we’re there!


Most frequent questions and answers

Please contact us for a quote, custom tailored for your wedding.

It really depends upon your wedding day schedule, and which events you wish us to film. We arrive 30-60 minutes early to set up, and depart a half hour after coverage ends. Full day wedding coverage would typically range between 10 and 12 hours.

Yes we do. We pay to copyright music from a number of websites. Most popular songs are either far too expensive or are unavailable to license.  If you wish, you can look through the music catalogues from the sites we use and let us know what you like.

Raw footage is the original video and audio we filmed and recorded on the wedding day. It is unedited, consisting of hundreds of separate video and audio files.

Our turnaround time is normally within 3 months. Videos from weddings later in the year might take a little longer. Excellence takes time!

We pride ourselves on having good working relationships with photographers. We understand that photo and video have to work well together. Positive collaboration is always mutually beneficial.

Dream Day Films was established in 2001. Since that time we have filmed hundreds of weddings.

Our Approach to Wedding Filmmaking


Before recording the first frame of footage we know exactly what we will film, how we will film it, and where we need to be for every big moment.​


Using the classic language of cinema helps ensure your wedding video will become a timeless classic, and not feel dated in a few years.


We enjoy working with other vendors! Prior to the wedding, we reach out to the photographer, DJ, and wedding planner to coordinate our efforts.