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Elegant Calgary Wedding at the Brownstone

Sometimes love at first sight doesn’t work out. At least not at first. Marisol and Matthew met when they were both University students. The attraction was immediate. They dated, but still being young, eventually drifted apart. A few years later they reconnected and found the spark even stronger than before. With maturity, they both knew what they wanted. It took them on the road to a Calgary wedding at the Brownstone.

The Vendor Team:

Cinematography | Dream Day Films
Photography | Kadie Hummel Photography
Venue | The Brownstone YYC
Planner | Lynn Fletcher Weddings – Mackenzie Styles
Officiant | Urban Officiant – Angela
Makeup Artist & Salon | Something Borrowed
Florist | Creative Edge Flowers
Catering | Hotel Arts
Coffee Bar | Luxury Barista Experience
Transportation | AM PM Limousine
Entertainment and Lighting | Pez Productions

The Bride and Groom Get Ready at the Palliser Hotel

It remains the custom for most weddings today. Matthew and Marisol didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony. To keep everything convenient, they reserved separate rooms downtown at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel. It’s a practice we love. It maximizes the time we can spend with bride and groom. We began with Matthew. We filmed him getting ready, then had a nice on-camera conversation. He told us the history of their relationship, and talked a little about Marisol.

Next it was a short elevator ride up to Marisol’s room. She was having hair and makeup done on location. Also a practice we love to see. It’s always much easier to find good light for video at home or in a hotel. It’s something we discuss this in advance with the bride. We suggest she ask her hair stylist and make-up artist to find a spot close to a window. Natural light always looks best. By now most MUA’s and stylists are quite used to this request. Something Borrowed had already chosen a great spot when we arrived.

Calgary Wedding at the Brownstone: The Ceremony

For Matthew and Marisol, family is everything. It’s a key part of the values that drew them together. For their wedding celebration, they wanted a place with enough capacity for both ceremony and reception. They decided to have their Calgary wedding at The Brownstone. It’s a relatively new venue close to downtown, and only a few blocks from the Palliser. It made everything much for convenient for everyone. In particular, those with mobility issues.

We arrived at the Brownstone and set up to film the ceremony. We captured video of the venue’s exterior, guests arriving, being seated, and the décor. Mackenzie and the team from Lynn Fletcher Weddings had set up rows of chairs and an aisle for the processional. When filming ceremonies, we try and keep it simple. There are a lot of moving parts. We want to make sure every big moment is captured.

For the processional, we had one video camera at the top of the aisle, another filming reactions, and a third at the back. It captures a wide reverse angle. We always discuss with the photographer in advance. Coming up with a game plane ensures everybody will succeed. Teamwork baby! For the rest of the ceremony we positioned static cameras with zoom lenses to either side. They filmed the bride and groom from a distance. The third camera remained at the back, behind the guests. It lets the bride and groom see parts of their wedding very much as their guests would have. This setup avoids blocking audience sight-lines. It also keeps us from being a distraction.

Creative Video Session With an Urban Vibe

We film the majority of our weddings in the mountains. They’re stunning of course, but it was nice to change up and film some creative video footage in an urban setting. Family photos at The Brownstone followed the ceremony, and then we headed out. Everybody hopped in the AM PM limo and we all travelled to a few spots in and near downtown Calgary. This included a fancy new parking lot with rooftop access and gorgeous city views. And of course Stephen Avenue and the iconic Bay building.

Calgary Wedding at the Brownstone: The Reception

While we were away, Mackenzie and team got everything ready for the evening reception. The design and décor were absolutely stunning. Both Matthew and Marisol were in tears with Mackenzie unveiled the room. It was exactly what they’d wanted.

Calgary wedding videography at The Brownstone

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