Evening Stars

Wedding Video Collection

Full day wedding coverage that includes the essentials.

The Evening Stars videography collection includes coverage of you both getting ready, a first look (if you plan on seeing each other before the ceremony), your ceremony, a creative session, and finally your reception.

"Creative Session" is what we call the post-ceremony portraits. Together with your photographer, we capture some beautiful footage that shows your authentic personalities, mixing fun with a little romance.

It really varies, depending upon the wedding. 6 minutes is fairly typical for a New Dawn elopement. 6-8 minutes is common for an Evening Stars Highlight Film.

Our normal turnaround time for editing is within 3 months. If you need it before then, please let us know in advance, and we will do our best to have it ready sooner.

We create a custom Wedding Webpage for playback and download of your final videos. We also upload the Highlight Film to YouTube and social media for sharing.

Absolutely! With video, sound is at least 50% of the battle. Prior to the ceremony, we place small mics on the groom, the bride, and the officiant. If there are musicians, we also place a mic on a stand near them. We also place a mic where necessary for readings, and will try and take a feed from any sound system being used. At the reception, we take a feed from the DJ and house audio when possible, and place a backup microphone on the podium/mic stand.

We use a minimum of two cameras, and often three during the ceremony and reception.

Yes. We use small lights, mounted high on light stands, during the reception for speeches and dances. We only use the minimum brightness necessary. It's important to us not to disturb the ambience you've planned.

Yes! But there are location restrictions, such as our National Parks, where they are prohibited. Weather is the other obstacle, but we try and capture epic aerial footage whenever we can.

We like to have short on-camera conversations with the bride and groom on their wedding day. But it is strictly optional. Our feeling is that these conversations make the video more personal, and really enhance the storytelling.

Yes! We offer a 10% discount on weekday weddings, year-round.

All pricing for our wedding videography services is in Canadian dollars (CAD.)

No. We strive to keep our online booking process as straightforward as possible. We know many couples are collecting points to help pay for their honeymoon!

Evening Stars

Essential Wedding Coverage

$ 4100
  • 10 Hours on location
  • Two Videographers
  • Highlight Film
  • Ceremony Video
  • Speeches + First Dance
  • Wedding Webpage