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They crossed a Continent for their Lake Louise Elopement

Callie and Austin love travel and living life to the fullest. They gave a lot of thought to their wedding, and came up with a plan to cross from one corner of the continent to the other for a Lake Louise elopement.

Callie and Austin both come from Alabama, home of the famous college football team the Alabama Crimson Tide. They brought along immediate family for their adventurous elopement, most of whom had never before seen the Rocky Mountains or travelled north of the border. Of course Northern Alabama does have some mountainous terrain, but the rolling, forested Appalachians are quite different from the much younger Rockies.

Morning Hike up a Mountain

Callie believes life is an adventure. So on the morning of her wedding day, rather than getting pampered in a spa, she decided they couldn’t pass up the chance for a little exploring. Not only is Lake Louise stunningly beautiful, but it has some of the best local trails for day hikes in Banff National Park. One of these leads up to the famous Lake Agnes Tea House, a  7 km (4.4 mile) climb from Chateau Lake Louise, situated in a hanging valley hidden from view below.

Austin and Calley hiked up the mountain, then decided to keep going. Another 2 fairly steep kilometres to the Big Beehive, which has amazing views of the emerald waters of Lake Louise far below. All this on their wedding day! After their morning adventure, they returned to their rooms at Deer Lodge to begin getting ready. 

Lake Louise elopement

A Beautiful Day for a Lake Louise Elopement

Late September at Lake Louise can serve up just about any kind of weather imaginable. Fortunately for Callie and Austin, their wedding day dawned with beautiful blue skies, warm fall temperatures, and not even the slightest of breezes. Pretty much perfect! We arrived in the afternoon and were amazed to hear about their adventures from earlier in the day. Both of their families were wonderful. Welcoming and easy to talk to.

Once Callie was gussied up and ready to go in her wedding dress, she and her father headed out of the hotel  for a chauffeured ride to their Lake Louise elopement. Their ride was in a vintage, polished classic Rolls Royce limousine. Austin had gone ahead, and was waiting in a small meadow overlooking the lake that had a gorgeous mountain backdrop. Along with the vivacious Beth from ENV Photography, we set up and awaited Callie’s arrival.

Lake Louise wedding ceremony

Wedding Ceremony on a Lakeside Meadow

It was a bit of a climb up to the meadow, not so easy in heels, but Callie and her father made it without difficulty. The Lake Louise elopement ceremony followed, presided over by Marriage Commissioner Marilyn Reid. Callie and Austin exchanged personal vows, rings, and were presented as husband and wife.  It was no surprise to hear cries of “roll tide” when Callie and Austin had officially tied the knot… Family photos came next, followed by a creative photo/video session in the woods and around the shores of the lake.

The energy of this couple was contagious, with smiles, laughter, and not a few tears. We spent a few hours with them after the ceremony. By this time Callie’s shoes had begun to hurt her feet quite a bit, and she and Austin decided it was time to end the day’s walking and retire for a nice wedding dinner with their families. They climbed back into the Rolls Royce limo, and headed off to their next adventure!

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Lake Louise Elopement Videographer | Dream Day Films
Wedding Planner | Danielle of Something New Banff
Photography | Beth from ENV Photography
Marriage Commissioner | Marilyn Reid
Make-up Artist & Salon | Mountain Beauties
Transportation | Alpine Limousine & Tours
Accommodations | Deer Lodge

Music: “Endless Story” by The Light The Heat and “Part of Me” from By The Coast, licensed through Musicbed

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