About Us

Calgary wedding videographer at Blue Devil ceremony

Dream Day Films are a team of filmmakers with a passion for telling beautiful and timeless wedding stories. Our goal is always to produce every wedding film to the highest possible technical and artistic standard.

Before recording the first frame of footage we know exactly what we will film, how we will film it, and where we need to be for every big moment.

 A month or so prior to the wedding, we like to hold a storytelling consultation in person or via Skype. Often a considerable period of time has elapsed since we were booked, and this allows us to get reacquainted. It's also a great way to get to know you better, find out more about your unique story, and help plan our coverage.

Audio is critical for great video, so we place small microphones where needed. We also record audio from the house system and DJ. Redundancy helps ensure we always have great audio. There really is no wedding film without it!

We position a couple of small dimmable lights for speeches and dancing, being careful to use only the minimum brightness necessary. We control the direction of the light to illuminate just what is needed. It's important to us that we preserve the ambience you've planned. This usually works out as a nice bonus for photographers too. They tell us all the time that they love our lights!

We consider it a privilege to film weddings, and thank you for considering us. We know how important your memories are, and know that in time your wedding film will become a cherished family heirloom!

Dream Day Films  is a founding member of the Calgary Professional Videographers Association.