Wedding Videography FAQ

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What’s your style?

Wedding videography FAQ for Dream Day Films

We like to visualize you in thirty years or so, sitting by a fire with your grandchildren, watching your wedding video together. We describe our approach as “Story First.” We make documentary-style films that weave together words and beautiful moving images to tell an engaging story.

I thought “documentary-style” meant those really long wedding videos that show the whole ceremony and all the speeches?

People know what a documentary is, and that ain’t it. For some reason a lot of wedding videographers have decided to call their full-length edits of live events a “documentary” or a “doc-edit.” But if you watch a documentary on Netflix it’s nothing like that. A documentary is really about non-fiction storytelling. They feature interviews (or selections from vows and speeches) and use visuals to tell a compelling story. That’s the spirit in which we describe our wedding films as “documentary-style.”

Will you get along with our photographer?

As video becomes commonplace for weddings, this has become a wedding videography faq. Our goal is always to do what’s right for you, and we know that’s true of other vendors as well. We love working with photographers, and respect their time and needs. If we haven’t worked with your photographer before, we’ll reach out in advance to introduce ourselves and work out a game plan for the day.

What cameras will you use to film our wedding?

We like using cameras that provide gorgeous, cinematic imagery while still allowing us to work discretely. Thankfully the days of the big shoulder-mounted TV news-style cameras with a bright light on top are a thing of the past (at least for weddings.) Our current cameras of choice are the Panasonic S-series. They capture beautiful images in 4k, are a joy to use, and are optimized for videographers.

How do you record sound?

Our favourite wedding videography faq! Audio is at least as important as video. Some would argue it’s even more important. Without good sound, you won’t have a good film. We place small, discrete lav mics on the groom, the bride, and the officiant. It’s important to have redundancy, so we also take a feed from the sound system. At receptions, we take a feed and place a small mic on the podium to capture speeches.

How much gear do you bring along?

We strive to be minimalist and not bring along an entire TV studio. For most weddings we bring 4 video cameras, mics, a few compact tripods, a drone, and a few small, controllable lights with stands for the reception. Everything runs off batteries so we won’t creating tripping hazards for your guests.

Can we have drone coverage for our wedding?

Yes. We make use of drone footage whenever we can. There is no additional charge for this. We have a few drones, are fully licensed with Transport Canada, and can capture some amazing footage when weather and location permit. We film quite a few weddings in Banff National Park, where their use is strictly prohibited, but there are mountain locations outside the park where we can legally fly.

Can you livestream my wedding?

Yes we can. Not everybody can make it to your wedding, so we’ve added Live Streaming as an option. It requires good internet connectivity at your ceremony location, either by cellular signal, wi-fi, or ethernet. Livestream recordings remain online and available for viewing and download for 1 year after the wedding.

How many videographers will there be?

For elopements and smaller, more intimate weddings a single videographer works well, but otherwise we bring two. You’ll get more coverage with multiple angles, and see more of what happened on your wedding day. We film as unobtrusively as possible, and try to only have both videographers at the same location when necessary.

Do you film the bride and groom getting ready?

Yes! We like a balanced story, so we make sure to film both bride and groom. One videographer will often begin with the groom and spend 30 minutes or so with him, then go and spend roughly an hour with the bride. We go over how this works in more detail in our pre-wedding Zoom call.

Do you outsource your video editing?

No. All editing is done in-house by the Dream Day Films team. Editing is the most important part of the entire process and where the magic comes together. We it easier to train our own editors in our unique style than to rely on video editors at a company that cranks out a large volume of generic highlight videos.

Can we pick the music for our wedding video?

Also a very common wedding videography faq. As professional videographers, we have to use licensed music in our wedding films. Most popular music is not available. We license most of our music through Musicbed, which has an excellent, high-quality selection. Your input is important, so we ask about your music taste in the pre-wedding questionnaire. You can also browse Musicbed and send us a list of any tracks you’d like us to use.

When can we expect to receive our wedding video?

Office Cat

We’ll normally have your video ready within 3 months. For fall weddings at the end of a busy season it might take a little longer. We can usually accommodate requests for earlier delivery if you need your video sooner, such as for a family gathering or reception. Editing is the most time-consuming part of videography for weddings, and we also have to factor in office cat interruptions.

Do you make backups of the footage from my wedding?

Yes. We understand how important those memories are. The first thing we do after filming a wedding is make local two copies of all video and audio files. We also backup everything online. This ensures there is an off-site copy to protect against theft or fire.

How do bride and groom video interviews work?

Bride and groom interviews are included at no additional charge with all packages. They are optional, but highly recommended for adding more story and emotion, particularly if you aren’t writing your own vows. We ask you to set aside about 10 minutes during the “getting ready” time and find a quiet place for a friendly conversation. We don’t use all of it, just the best bits.

Wedding videography FAQ

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