Wedding Videography

We help couples relive their wedding so they won’t worry about missing or forgetting anything.

We hear over and over from couples how happy they are they made the decision to engage us for their wedding. Often they weren’t sure they really needed a wedding film. But after, they’re usually anxious to relive a day that passed by so quickly. Only wedding videography lets them do that!

A Dream Day wedding film is a true investment. Something that increases in value with time.

You shouldn’t have to worry about missing or forgetting something important on your wedding day. Our relentless focus is on making sure you have a beautiful film so you can relive your wedding day, share it proudly with friends and family, and capture enduring memories you will cherish forever.

He was able to perfectly capture not only our special day but our personalities, story and family. He covered every detail and exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Dream Day Films for your wedding video needs, you will not be disappointed!
I can’t even begin to thank Robert and his assistant for capturing our wedding day just perfect! The day we received our films, we watched them over and over! It is everything we could have ever imagined! I highly recommend Dream Day Films to capture your wedding day!
Robert was great to work with throughout. He captured candid moments and we barely noticed him during the times that you don’t want to notice your videographer. However, he was present the whole time and put together a beautiful video for us.

The wedding mistake that led to the beginning of Dream Day Films.

I’ll never forget the time I was at my cousin Lori’s wedding reception. It was a beautiful summer evening, high up on Grouse Mountain, overlooking Vancouver BC. Such an amazing spot, with the lights of the city twinkling below and ships swinging at anchor in English Bay.

People I hadn’t seen in years were there. It was a fun and emotional time, and we all shared a lot of laughs. During the speeches, I looked to the back of the room and saw a video camera set up, pointing at the podium. It was mounted on a tripod next to a table filled with some of Lori’s friends. This interested me, since I’d been shooting video since I was in junior high and had an interest in wedding videography. There was nobody standing behind the camera, but I just thought it had must been on continuous record.

I was wrong.

The next day at the gift opening, Lori looked angry. I asked her what was wrong. Turns out her friends hadn’t recorded anything. When she asked why, they answered that they were “into the wedding.” And with that, all those memories were gone forever. Lori still had her photos from the day, but the loss of those amazing speeches and her first dance really upset her.

A few years later a friend asked me to film his wedding in Calgary. I thought about Lori’s experience and decided I had to do it right. I would approach it like a professional. This was before YouTube and online tutorials, so I bought a VHS tape on how to film weddings. The tape helped a lot. I asked my friend Allen to help, and we showed up at Scarboro United Church fully prepared. Nobody knew it was our first time filming a wedding. The video turned out quite well, and we were approached by a friend of the bride asking us to film her wedding too.

Surprisingly, what I discovered was that many videographers at the time hadn’t bothered to learn the basics. As a result, wedding videography had earned a well-deserved reputation for cheesiness and poor quality. Lots of tacky graphics, shaky camerawork, and very poor audio. They were also long. Very, very long.

I knew there had to be a better way.

I was still working full-time, but started what was then called Dream Day Video Productions and began filming a few weddings every summer. I was hooked. I loved hearing back from couples about how much they loved their videos. But while brides and grooms enjoyed experiencing their big day again, I knew full well that friends would likely roll their eyes at the idea. “Hey, wanna watch my wedding video?” too often was the cue to leave.

 There were some videographers making highlight videos at the time, but they were just video set to music. No audio. No story.

I wanted to create a concise wedding video that couples could share with friends and family, but that felt like nothing was missing. More like something you’d see on TV or in a movie theatre.

And that’s when Dream Day Films really came into its own. We began making short-form videos, weaving a narrative that included all the best moments from the day. Not just moving images, but the most meaningful words from vows, interviews, and speeches.

Brides and grooms loved it. They still had their full ceremony and reception videos, but also an entertaining film they could show friends and family. And, as it turned out, something they would watch every year on their anniversary.

Time has moved on. Video technology has improved dramatically since I first filmed a wedding. Our style has evolved over time. But the fundamental idea of what we offer to couples getting married remains the same. We want them to enjoy a stress-free wedding, not worrying about whether or not their friends remembered to hit record.

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