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You’ve planned an amazing wedding, and you’d love to have everybody there. But there’s a practical limit to how many people you can invite. Maybe Grandma can’t travel. Or you’ve decided to elope. With a Dream Day wedding video, you can still share the best moments from your special day with all your closest family and friends.

Here’s a selection of wedding videos that helped couples relive their special day and share it with those who couldn’t attend. Some of these brides and grooms also held receptions after returning home from their elopement and premiered their film to a live audience.

The highlight film, footage of reception and ceremony were all breathtaking and we were able to experience our special day all over again! Rob was very organized, punctual, professional & super friendly and approachable.
Having this video is so priceless and we’re grateful for all the memories from our special day! It’s so priceless and worth every single penny! If you want an amazing wedding video, this is who you want doing it!!
Jared and I can not even begin to put into words how amazing your work was! This film will truly be cherished for many years to come. Also, everyone who attended our wedding reception was very impressed…

Wedding Video FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

What’s your style ?

We like to visualize you in thirty years or so, sitting by a fire with your grandchildren, watching your wedding film together. We describe our style as “Story First,” weaving together words and beautiful moving images to tell your love story and highlight the best moments from your wedding day. To craft a film that will truly offer lasting value for you and for generations to come.

What is your turnaround time for wedding videos?

We will normally have wedding videos ready within 3 months. Sooner, if you need it before then, such as for a family gathering or reception. Ensuring you receive a top quality wedding video is our first priority, but we understand that you will be anxious to see it sooner rather than later! In general, completing your wedding film will likely take a little longer toward the end of the busy summer/fall season.

Do videographers get along with photographers?

Our goal is always to do what’s right for you, and we know that’s true of other vendors as well. We love working with photographers, and respect their time and needs. If we haven’t worked with your photographer before, we always reach out in advance to introduce ourselves and work out a game plan for the day. Also, if you’re still searching for the perfect wedding photographer, we’ve worked with many and would be more than happy to pass on a few recommendations for those whose work we admire most and believe would be a good fit.

Can we have drone coverage for our wedding?

Drones are fantastic for showing off beautiful wedding locations. We have a few drones, are fully licensed with Transport Canada, and try to make use of them when weather and location permit. We do film quite a few weddings in Banff National Park, where unfortunately their use is strictly prohibited. But there are mountain locations outside the park where we can legally fly. It’s definitely an incredible way to showcase the scenery in wedding videos and even to get some amazing creative aerial footage of you and your wedding party!

Do I need really need 2 videographers for my wedding?

You want to keep your budget down and are worried that things will get a little crowded in the morning. We totally understand that! We highly recommend two videographers, regardless of the size of your wedding or elopement. It means you’ll have somebody there for every big moment. You will see again how your fiancé reacts as you speak your vows. The look on the groom’s face when his bride comes down the aisle.

Two videographers offer multiple perspectives on your day, tells a more complete story, and offers the best value. And to avoid creating a morning crowd, we like to have each videographer film at a separate location, such as one videographer with the guys and one with the girls. Or one filming scenery while the other films everybody getting ready.

Wedding Videos